Wyandot Potter

» JZS_corrugated_stamp


This piece draws from several ancient techniques. First the vessel is built using wavy overlapping corrugated coils. Once each coil is in place it is stamped with a swift creek style concentric circle stamp. The shape that the finished pot takes on is the shape of a traditional Wyandot kettle. I have accentuated the rim with cutouts and a stone polish. All of the slip paints are created by myself. The orange comes from New Mexico near where I used to live. The clay is from our sacred source in Oklahoma collected and processed by traditional methods. Finally, the fuel for firing is all found locally and carefully combusted in my hand-built kiln built from clay on the land. My favorite part about what I do is that I almost never have to go to the store to buy materials and I can recreate this bit of my heritage culture wherever I live!

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