Wyandot Potter

Tree Bark Stamp Vessels

This series represents the integration of a new element into the traditional style. The stamps for these pieces where made by pressing clay into living tree bark and then dried and fired. The vessel forms were then made in the traditional style. In ancient times pottery was stamped using this technique for decoration as well as to enhance the structural strength of the vessel. I see tradition as something that is alive in a similar way that a tree is alive and is strong and gives fruit. If we could communicate more deeply with the trees that are almost invisibly surrounding us we could see a lot more than what we always see when we look on the surface. To illustrate this I attempt to visualize a communication that happens on a more elemental, cellular level. We are related to the rest of the living world around us as our ancestors related to the ancestors of the trees in our environment. These arboreal ancestors are much older than human culture and have informed us from the beginning. I am thankful for the tree’s nature, constantly outstretched giving glory to the Creator.

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  1. Jamie, your work is so beautiful, linking nature to the art object, true collaboration with the divine. Thanks for posting the photos and stories.

    February 29, 2012 at 2:58 pm

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