Wyandot Potter

Bark Stamp Process

Here I thought I would share some photos of my bark stamp process.

I took these photos while making my latest bark stamp vessel.

To make the stamp I simply pressed a slab of clay into the bark

of a hickory tree and fired it. Usually I carve stanps out of wood

but this is something different.

Here is the second go around with the stamp.

It is a pretty deeply textured stamp,

When stamping the form expands in a controlled manner.

The coiled form is built to anticipate the expansion.

Getting ready to round the shoulder.

Here I have my stamping kit:

Stamp, crushed flint for release and Lingam

Stone for an anvil.


Here we are half-way around.

Look at how much the form stretches as it receives texture.


After stamping, it is time to give the wheel a spin

and shape the inside with a rib tool.

Finishing out the form.

Stamping coiling, stamping coiling…

Here the rim has been cut.

Now to paint the interior with iron slip.

After this I get to rub the inside with a stone.

The burnishing process takes an entire day.

After the form is completed it is left to dry and then fired.

Then it is painted and fired again.

While it is still warm the interior is rubbed with linseed oil

to protect the piece and enhance the surface.

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