Wyandot Potter

Nesting Vessel


This hand-built vessel was coiled and stamped with ancient Mound-builder design. It is made from clay that I collected and processed from Vinita OK. The stamp design was carved into a piece of walnut wood and impressed into the vessel as it was formed. This technique was developed originally by ancient mound-builder cultures from what is now considered the Midwest and Southern United States. The white slip on the outside I collected outside of Silver City New Mexico and rendered into paint. The rest of the colors are made from the base clay slip with added oxides and stains. The rim was polished with a smooth stone when the piece was leather hard and drying. The nesting piece on the inside was made from tiny coils made from the same clay. Each of the coils is separately rolled out and left exposed to form the design. This piece represents the contemporary expression of ancient pottery tradition. Reviving ancient indigenous pottery techniques is a Wyandot tradition. Creating clay sculpture is a vehicle for personal expression and honoring indigenous roots.


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